G. Ronald (Ron) Gilbert, Ph.D., is a senior partner and principal management consultant for GEMS of Florida. He is widely recognized for his unique expertise as a management consultant and trainer, and has served over 1000 clients with his expertise. He has also directed executive education and management development programs at several highly reputable institutions. Ron is also a professor of management in the Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University, Miami.

His clients represent a broad range of industries including: business, not-for-profit organizations, and government agencies. Those individuals utilizing Ron’s expertise include public elected officials, executive leadership groups, military commands, supervisors, front line associates, project and cross functional teams. He has served to facilitate the creation of strategic plans for entire industries, companies, charitable organizations, school boards, and federal, state and local governments based on the participation of their key stakeholders.

As an organizational consultant, he has helped guide numerous organizations through major transformations, resulting in improved service quality, customer satisfaction, employee morale and organizational effectiveness. As a result, his clients (and his contributions) have received highly sought after recognition from notable trade associations, management societies, as well as the U. S. Office of the President.

Ron has designed each tool, survey instrument, training program, and consultation service offered by GEMS, making GEMS’ offerings highly unique. His research is cross cultural, including over 300,000 participants representing the United States, Wales, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Greece, Scotland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Ron designs programs that work directly with his clients to enable them to improve their performance system-wide. His work has been reported in numerous academic texts, trade books, business journals, television, radio, and other forms of the media. He has authored five textbooks and had over 30 articles published in scientific journals following blind review by expert scholars. In addition, four doctoral dissertations have been written by scholars based on the instruments that he has developed through GEMS of Florida.

His text, Beyond Participative Management: Toward Total Employee Empowerment for Quality, was designated as one of the top five sources in the literature on work force empowerment. It was based on the exceptional success of Project Pacer Share, the most comprehensive undertaking ever taken by the U. S. Air Force to become more quality driven (Ron was its external consultant during the five year effort). His article, “Organizational Effectiveness Indicator Support Service Quality” published in Managing Service Quality, received the Emerald Editor’s Excellence Award in 2001, following a review by the eminent quality guru Henry Feigenbaum. He is also the author of the book, The TQS Factor and You. Learn to: Lead yourself, Manage your boss and Delight your customer service and personal performance improvement. The latest book is Find Your Fit, Polish Your Skills, Win At Work. It is a guide to taking GEMS’s Work Preference Indicator. It is in paperback and eBook formats and is accompanied by a computer assisted instructional guide. It is a must for those who want to find their work related gifts and polish their skills at work to serve others and win.

While he has a very strong and notable research record in which he continues to build, Ron’s greatest attribute is working with his clients to enable them to accomplish their developmental aims. He is a practical scientist. He is hands-on. He is best when he has the opportunity to work in partnership with others. What makes him unique is his guarantee. His services are free if his clients do not attain their objectives through his work with them.