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GILBERTEMS, LLC (GEMS) is a selective, small, quality-focused consulting firm. It provides executive and management development services to organizations in both business and government. G. Ronald (Ron) Gilbert, Ph.D. is its primary service provider....

Performance Improvement Assessments (Exclusive to GEMS)


Organizational Performance Assessment

This tool has been used by Fortune 100 companies, government and not-for-profit agencies to help improve their effectiveness. We believe you will find the level of scientific rigor and practicality of this tool to be exceptionally sound.


Leadership Effectiveness Assessment

This is a 360 degree online tool designed to assist leaders to be their very best and to enable their employees and their organizations to perform better. It provides assessments of the leaders’ performance from the perspectives of those led, peers, and one’s own leaders.


Work Preference Indicator

The Work Preference Indicator© is a scientifically based instrument that measures an individual’s job task preferences. This tool has been widely used in the university setting to help students identify their personal work-related strengths and to gain insight into the unique abilities one is likely to bring to the study team. It is also a team building tool that is used by trainers and consultants to improve communication and mutual respect among team members in the work setting.


Career Strengths Assessment

This program is designed to help aspiring careerists to find the types of work for which they are best suited and to work with others on the job effectively. It is scientifically based and includes four progressive Stages. The Stages focus on one’s strengths working with others in teams; the individual’s work-related strengths and types of work for which one is best suited; the development of the vital “soft skills” needed to succeed on the job; and finally, it culminates with a 30 minute live coaching session.

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Expert presentations, workshops, and facilitation of planning and team building meetings are provided by GEMS in a wide variety of subject areas to meet the developmental needs of participants at every level of the organization.


GEMS provides expert consultation to organizations and industry groups in a wide variety of areas.