GILBERTEMS, LLC (GEMS) is a selective, small, quality-focused consulting firm. It provides executive and management development services to organizations in both business and government. G. Ronald (Ron) Gilbert, Ph.D. is its primary service provider. Two of his government clients have received the U.S. President’s Quality Award for Excellence with Ron’s services being specifically identified as key to the quality transformations experienced by these organizations. Ron has also been the primary consultant to companies in the private sector that have received national recognition for their product and service quality. GEMS has a substantial database of industry practices and its assessment tools have been completed by more than 300,000 employees in over 500 organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

We deliver what we promise.

GEMS tailors its programs and products to meet the unique needs of its clients. It measures, creates the intervention strategy in partnership with the leadership of its client, delivers its services, and measures again to assure the targeted improvements are accomplished. The success of its clients is the obligation of GEMS. When our clients succeed, we do, too.

Prior to GEMS, Jan and Ron Gilbert were the principals of MEDi (Management Education and Development, Inc.). MEDi was in business for 19 years and was given an “excellent” financial rating by Dunn & Bradstreet. Like MEDi, GEMS carries no debt. Jan is now the principal owner of GEMS.

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