You were born with unique personal strengths. Our assessments will help you identify them and use them successfully as you go forward to find the types of work for which you are best suited and would love to do. We not only provide scientifically-based information to help you find your career fit, if you choose, we also provide personal counseling and skill development to make you a top performer at work. Within this site you will be personally guided toward a career fit that is just right for you.

Our site consists of four stages. It will be your decision to proceed beyond Stage 1 and optionally progress to complete Stages 2, 3, and 4.  It all depends on your interests and career development needs.

Stage 1:

You will take a 15-question Team Resource Questionnaire©. It will identify unique strengths you bring to a work team to enable the team to accomplish its goals. It is free: no cost or obligation. We will not share your personal information with anyone else. That will be up to you to do if you choose.


csa stage 2

Stage 2:

Next you may choose to go deeper into identifying your relative work-related strengths by taking the Work Preference Indicator II©. Embedded within it are 17 different work preferences that can be used to pinpoint specific types of work for which you are best suited. From taking this assessment, you will gain valuable insight into the types of work and career fields in which your performance is most likely to excel, and you will personally enjoy doing.

Stage 3:

Here you will review your personal strengths and gain important knowledge and vital “soft skills” that are essential to being viewed by others as the very best employee in your career field of choice.  In Stage 3 you will receive the 10-chapter eBook, Find Your Fit, Polish Your Skills, Win At Work, authored by the developer of the questionnaires you will have taken in Stages 1 and 2. The easy-to-read, highly interactive text will help you gain greater insights about yourself, behavioral skills to apply your work-related strengths on the job, and create action steps to take to further prepare yourself to succeed in the profession for which you are best suited.



Stage 4:

This is the capstone of our offering of the CSA program. Here you will have the opportunity to review your personal strengths and engage in career planning with an expert coach. It includes a 30 minute online personal interview.  The coach will help address questions you may have.  It concludes with your creation of a highly practical personal development plan.

Stage 1 is offered at no cost. Stages 2, 3 and 4 are optional and offered at minimal expense.

Are you ready to start Stage 1 and take the Team Resource Questionnaire©?

Let’s begin to learn about the strengths you bring to a work team.

Our Privacy Policy: All information about you including your name, email address, and scores on the assessments you take will be kept private by our GEMS organization. Only you can share your information with others unless you give us your expressed permission to do so.